Places To Visit: Isle of Man Carved Stone Cross Collection

Andreas Crosses

Since the 6th century AD carved stone crosses have served as grave markers and memorial stones. You will find many examples in the churches and churchyard ‘cross shelters’ around the Island.  You will also find replicas of some of the stones, an illustrated database of all 200 of the crosses at the Manx Museum.

The earliest stones carry Celtic designs and inscriptions using an early Celtic script called Ogham. You can see most of these early crosses in the shelter at Kirk Maughold.

Norse sculptors decorated their crosses with both Christian icons and images from their own pagan mythology. You will see examples of Norse crosses in parish churches of Andreas, Bride, Maughold, Malew, Marown, Jurby, Michael and the former parish churches at Ballaugh Cronk and Old Kirk Braddan.