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We are a charity and we need your support to help us continue to conserve and promote Manx culture and heritage for the Island and for those who love our beautiful Ellan Vannin.


Manx National Heritage is a registered charity – The Manx Museum and National Trust was established to conserve, protect and promote the Island’s national heritage assets.

There are numerous vital conservation projects that we would like to complete and with your support will make them possible.

Current projects include conserving the ‘Peggy’ the oldest yacht of her kind in the world, repairing the Elizabethan clock in Castle Rushen and restoring Quirk’s Croft at Cregneash.

There are also different volunteer opportunities and ways which provide essential support for the work we undertake within Manx National Heritage.


Looking after Viking artefacts and medieval castles is not easy and can be very expensive – please donate now to support our work.

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Whether it is raising money for the horses at Cregneash or a desire to link your business with the strong Manx heritage brand, contact us and we will see how we can work together to support your activities and your wish to become involved.

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What better way to support the Isle of Man, or indeed to ensure that future generations of the Manx community can enjoy the treasures of this beautiful Island by leaving Manx National Heritage a gift in your will.

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