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Themselves (The Little People) illustration by Juan Moore

Draw Folks, Fairies & Themselves


Create characters from Manx fairy tales and folklore stories in this illustration workshop with Manx artist Juan Moore.

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Jormungand, the Midgard Serpert from Norse mythology illustration by Juan Moore

Draw Victorious Vikings in Valhalla


Create legendary Vikings in this illustration workshop with Manx artist Juan Moore.

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Super Story Saturday: Folk and Fairy Tales


Join us for our Super Story Saturday and enjoy our story telling session for all ages.

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Western Photographic Society Exhibition

–14/01/2017 – 25/02/2017

An exhibition by Western Photographic Society, featuring contemporary photographers interpretation of Manx Heritage and Culture, with images from the 1940s to the present day.

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Stars at Lhen beach near Andreas, Isle of Man

Stargazing Evening: In the footsteps of King Orry

–31/03/2017 – 01/04/2017

An evening stargazing with Howard Parkin of Astromanx in the surroundings of our beautiful thatched cottage and nearby beach at The Lhen.

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Egg Rolling


An annual family favourite, bring along your home decorated hard-boiled eggs for the best decorated egg competition. Bring your plain hard boiled eggs along to enter the Egg Rolling Challenge

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Grave Goods - Valhalla Exhibition

Valhalla – Life and Death in Viking Britain

–22/10/2016 – 21/04/2017

The Vikings had strong beliefs in life after death and how their dead were commemorated and celebrated. Discover the evidence in this latest collaboration from Jorvik.

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Otherworlds Trail

–11/02/2017 – 23/04/2017

Join our trails at the Manx Museum and House of Manannan to discover the fascinating worlds of folklore and Norse mythology.

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Sophia Morrison: The First Curator

–10/12/2016 – 06/05/2017

Sophia Morrison is probably most well-known now for her storybook ‘Manx Fairy Tales’, but she did much more than collect Manx fairy stories.

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Hop Tu Naa


Celebrate our unique Manx Hop Tu Naa traditions at our wholesome, home grown event with song, dance, stories and superstitions from the past.

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